About the NAC Institute

The NACi is a non-for-profit institute with the sole purpose to support the prevention and control of chronic disease in human beings. Foodservice has a direct impact upon chronic disease prevention and control through the application of better science in food preparation, distribution, and consumption, so as to reduce disease factors, and decrease the severity of existing diseases. This impact is through the upskilling of staff and supporting organisation to plan menus with a strong focus on the prevention and control of chronic disease.

NACi Mission Statement

To be Australia’s leading institute, for preventing and controlling chronic disease through foodservice, translating evidence to practice to deliver real outcomes for vulnerable populations.

Target Industries

Vulnerable populations that are dependent on the foodservice model include those receiving services from the following sectors

  • Aged care
  • Indigenous community services
  • Fly-In-Fly-Out workforces
  • Disability services
  • Meals on Wheels and community care

In order to effect change and to better understand the teachings of the NACi, the staff working within foodservices, and families of care recipients are also targets for NACi.

Target Chronic Disease

Our aim is to develop food service models that tackle:

  • Obesity
  • Cardiovascular disease (heart failure, hypertension hear disease)
  • Malnutrition
  • Diabetes
  • Gastrointestinal disease
  • Chronic mental health issues

As the NACi works with foodservices and industries which produce foods for individuals who are the most vulnerable regarding chronic disease, an additional focus of the NACi is on food safety. Vulnerable populations are known to be at a higher risk for illness or death when exposed to foodborne illness.

Four pillars of the NACI to prevent and control chronic diseases 

Research - science which is translated informs how foodservices prevent and control chronic disease

Skills - education and resources to provide those working in foodservices with understandings on how to prepare meals and menus to prevent and control chronic disease

Innovation - innovative use of technology, science, and industry prevents and controls chronic disease

Opportunity - provision of research, innovation, and skills to those working in foodservices helps to prevent and control disease

NACi Goals

- Preventing and controlling chronic disease, achieved through the application of improvements in the food supply, food preparation, food delivery and food consumption.

- Using the foodservice system model to research, innovate and provide opportunity regarding the prevention and control of chronic disease.

- Upskilling and empowering those working within the foodservice model in their understanding of how to prevent and control chronic disease.

- To promote the scientific approach to foodservices surrounding disease prevention and control, providing information, resources, research, and policy, to inform best practice in the foodservice sector to prevent and reduce chronic disease.

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