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The Cost of Foodservices in Residential Aged Care
There is a real misunderstanding of the true costs of foodservices and this UQ PhD research project is calling for aged care homes to take part in this study. Click on the two links below to find out more.

FIFO project to prevent and control chronic disease in workers in the oil and gas industry

Meal serving and plate size to support workers menu choice - utilising foodservice dining models to educate and prevent weight gain.

Aged care – increasing choice to prevent and manage malnutrition

Barriers and enablers for increasing choice and managing malnutrition through modifying the foodservice system

Scientific Review (foodservices search for gaps and data to support project development)

Review of the role of foodservices plays in the prevention and control of chronic disease

Skill development and educational project to build resources and event content

Review of cooking techniques to prevent and control chronic disease.

The Science Behind Fruit Juice

An extensive review of the literature, labelling laws, juice formulation, juice consumption, chronic disease across different life stages.

School Meal Programs across the World
A preliminary examination of the foodservice systems used to provide meals in schools. What systems are used and what health benefits were achieved.

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