The Nutrition and Catering Institute (NACi) as part of its charity purpose to prevent and control chronic diseases is working with Grove Juice on ‘Fruit Juice the Science Behind it’ project to understand the health benefits of 100% fruit juice and concentrates. Grove Juice is an Australian family-owned producer of high-quality fruit juice range and leading the industry in research and education.

This project was established to investigate the research behind fruit juice, how juice can support whole-body health, the difference between fruit juice to other sugar-sweetened beverages and why they should be considered as two different foods. The project examined The Health Star rating, food standards, and health guidelines across the world to gain a better understanding of how juice is represented and why it is important to separate 100% juice from sugar-sweetened beverages.

A research findings meeting was held at Grove Juice Mansfield office with Archer Walkers Managing Director Grove Juice, Minster of Health and Ambulance Services Yvette D’Ath MP and State Member for Mansfield Corrine McMillan MP. Both took part in a presentation and discussion around the importance of juice and how imperative it is to use science to inform health nutrition tools such as The Health Star Rating and Australian Dietary Guidelines.

The NACi provides support in translating the scientific information to develop a workforce and system which leads to improved health and wellbeing. Understanding how fruit juice can have benefits and how it should be consumed is essential for all consumers. The idea that fruit juice causes specific chronic diseases such as diabetes is incorrect as no one food is responsible for any chronic disease. We eat a mixed diet as recommended by the Australian Dietary Guidelines and fruit juice can be consumed as part of a healthy intake. What is important to consider about juice is that it can be over consumed and therefore there are certain aged groups like children who should be encouraged to drink water.

The project continues to support the fruit juice industry with findings being presented to the Minister’s office, the development of educational resources and further information to support how juices should be consumed as part of the Australian diet.

For more information on the project please contact Dr Karen Abbey CEO NACi.

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