Water the best drink

It is important to keep the insides of your body healthy and three key components of this are fluids, fibre and physical activity. But how you might ask? Fluids especially water are essential to life but also play an important role in digestion and preventing constipation. Fibre is found in grains, fruits and vegetables and is key to a healthy digestive system and with water helps prevent constipation. It is important to each fruit and vegetables each day.

Physical activity helps the body function and keeps our muscles strong. Walking is a great activity to include as part of your daily activity. So is the use of lightweight, fit banes and using a walking counter to reach the 10,000 steps per day goal. Build physical activity into your day by walking upstairs, park away from shops and walk, don’t sit all day get up and move around. The key to any balanced diet is making sure we eat a wide variety of foods which include fibre.

Fluids are essential regardless of what time of the year. You need to drink all day and water is the best fluid to consume. The average amount suggested is at least 8 glasses of water. Keeping your inner body healthy is as easy as Fibre, Fluid and Activity

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